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Underwater Rugby Australia

UWRA is a commission of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF), the governing body for underwater sports in Australia.

The UWRA Commission is the body responsible for all national matters relating to the sport of Underwater Rugby in Australia. Underwater Rugby is officially recognised as an amateur sport by the Australian Sports Commission.

In conjunction with clubs, we aim to promote, advance, foster and cultivate the game of underwater rugby, and provide access to social and competitive experiences throughout Australia for all people at all levels.

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What is underwater rugby?

WHAT IS Underwater RUGBY?

Underwater rugby is a complex sport. Find out what equipment you'll need to play, fitness requirements, and learn the rules.

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UNSW Whales at AUWRL Round 1


Ringwood, Melbourne: Round 1 of the Australian Underwater Rugby League (AUWRL) kicked off in Melbourne, with the Sydney Whales taking the early lead in the 2018 league, with the 8-player team holding off a strong challenge from the Victoria Seadragons.

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