2017 Pan Pacific Cup, Brisbane


The UniDive Gauls hosted the 3rd annual Pan Pacific Cup in Brisbane, this year at a new venue in the heart of Australia's third-largest city. Centenary Pool provided teams from across Australia and Singapore a different Pan Pacific Cup experience, in a smaller outdoor pool. The tournament was structured as a points round-robin, with the team with the most points at the end of the tournament crowned Pan Pacific Cup champions.

The 2017 Pan Pacific Cup was also the first Australian tournament to feature a weekend-long women's tournament to feature alongside the mixed teams tournament. Three composite teams formed from all Australian clubs played against each other and the Singapore women's team, with the Brisbane Gauls (Brisbane and Sydney) taking the honours of women's champions.

In the mixed group, the Victoria Seadragons overcame the hosts Brisbane Gauls (A and B), and two-time Pan Pacific Cup champions Sydney Whales (A and B) to win their first tournament on the national stage, highlighting their remarkable improvement over the past year.

The weekend finished with two games between the men's and women's national teams of Australia and Singapore. The more experienced Australian teams emerged victorious in both games.



  1. Brisbane Gauls (Brisbane/Sydney)
  2. Victoria Seadragons (Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra)
  3. Adelaide White Pointers (Adelaide/Tasmania)
  4. F.A.T. Singapore


  1. Victoria Seadragons A
  2. Brisbane UniDive Gauls A
  3. Brisbane UniDive Gauls B
  4. Sydney UNSW Whales B
  5. Sydney UNSW Whales A
  6. Tasmania Convicts
  7. F.A.T. Singapore
  8. Adelaide White Pointers
  9. Canberra Underdogs
  10. Victoria Seadragons B


  1. Australia
  2. Singapore


  1. Australia
  2. Singapore