2016 Pan Pacific Cup, Brisbane

The Pan Pacific Cup returned to Brisbane in 2016, again hosted by the UniDive Gauls at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre in the Sleeman Sports Complex, a venue for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The tournament again saw the F.A.T Singapore team return to challenge the eight Australian teams.

Pan Pacific Cup 2016 was the first tournament for the newly-formed Perth Raiders, consisting of extremely talented players with roots in national-level underwater hockey. They surprised the established UWR clubs by overcoming some of the country's strongest teams, to meet the reigning champions, the Sydney Whales, in the grand final, where they kept the Whales scoreless. It was only until the penalty shootout at the conclusion of the match where the Whales finally prevailed to win their second Pan Pacific Cup.

Final ranking


  1. Sydney UNSW Whales (1-0 after penalty shootout)
  2. Perth Raiders
  3. Tasmania Convicts
  4. Brisbane Gauls A
  5. Victoria Seadragons
  6. Brisbane Gauls B
  7. Canberra Underdogs
  8. F.A.T. Singapore
  9. Adelaide White Pointers

Top scorer: Stian Håland (UNSW Whales) - 8 goals


In the nations category, the Australian men's team and the Barbarians played a 1-1 draw, but the Barbarians edged out the Australians in goal difference: 23 vs 22.

  1. Barbarians
  2. Australia Men's
  3. Singapore
  4. Australia Women's

Top scorer: Jack Robert Tissot (Barbarians) - 10 goals