2017 Steinfeld Cup (nODEX 2017), Sydney

nODEX 2017

The UNSW Whales hosted nODEX 2017 at Ashfield Aquatic Centre in Sydney. The tournament was renamed to Steinfeld Cup to celebrate the effort and achievements of Celine Steinfeld who introduced and pioneered the sport of underwater rugby in Australia when she started the first club in Sydney ten years ago.



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Mixed draw

  1. UniDive Gauls (Brisbane)

  2. UNSW Whales A (Sydney)

  3. Canberra Underdogs A

  4. Victoria Seadragons A

  5. Eastern Stallions

  6. UNSW Whales B (Sydney)

  7. Tasmania Convicts

  8. Adelaide White Pointers

  9. Canberra Underdogs B

  10. New Zealand Orcas

  11. Victoria Seadragons B

Women's draw

  1. Convicts/Gauls Gals (TAS/QLD)

  2. Victoria Seadragons Women's (VIC)

  3. UNSW Platypuses (NSW)

  4. Silver Dogsharks (NZ/SA/ACT)