2018 AUWRL Round 1 (Melbourne Cup), Melbourne

Melbourne Cup 2018

The Australian Underwater Rugby League kicked off in its first year with Round 1 taking place in Melbourne at Aquanation Ringwood, the venue of the 2016 Australian National Championships. Hosted by the Victoria Seadragons, the event was the first round of the inaugural 2018 AUWRL, and welcomed first-time competitors Melbourne Underwater Rugby Inc, the second UWR club in Melbourne, as well as all other east coast clubs around Australia including a joint Brisbane-Adelaide team.

A team of eight from the UNSW Sydney Whales defeated the home team Victoria Seadragons A to win the Melbourne Cup and take an early lead in the AUWRL for 2018.


  1. Sydney UNSW Whales A

  2. Victoria Seadragons A

  3. Brisbane UniDive Gauls

  4. Canberra Underdogs

  5. Tasmania Convicts

  6. Melbourne Underwater Rugby

  7. Sydney UNSW Whales B

  8. Victoria Seadragons B



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