2018 AUWRL Round 3 (Steinfeld Cup), Sydney

The third round of the inaugural Australian Underwater Rugby League was hosted by the Sydney Whales at Max Parker Leisure and Aquatic Centre in Revesby on 22-23 September 2018. This round marked the second Steinfeld Cup, and the first time a tournament was held in Revesby, which more closely resembled European-style underwater rugby pools, including the venue of the Champions Cup in Berlin that the Sydney Whales will be competing at in November.

2018 UWR National Championships, Adelaide

The Adelaide White Pointers hosted their first UWRA Australian National Championships in 2018 at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. All UWRA clubs competed in the mixed division, and for the first time at a Nationals, a full women's division was also played, with teams from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. A total of fifteen teams from seven clubs competed in the tournament, a record number for Nationals, and several guest players from New Zealand joined the Canberra, Perth and Brisbane teams.

2017 UWR National Championships, Perth

The Perth Raiders, Australia's newest underwater rugby team, hosted the first UWR tournament away from the east coast of Australia. The Perth Raiders edged out the reigning national champions Brisbane Gauls in a tense grand final match, which was locked at one-all at full time. Victory was sealed for the Raiders in the last 30 seconds of extra time, handing them a maiden National Championships win, and a spot in 2017's Champions Cup.

2017 Pan Pacific Cup, Brisbane

The UniDive Gauls hosted the 3rd annual Pan Pacific Cup in Brisbane, this year at a new venue in the heart of Australia's third-largest city. Centenary Pool provided teams from across Australia and Singapore a different Pan Pacific Cup experience, in a smaller outdoor pool. The Victoria Seadragons won their first ever tournament, overcoming hosts Brisbane Gauls and two-time PPC champions Sydney Whales.

2015 CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships, Cali, Colombia

In 2015, for the first time, the Australian national men’s and women’s teams competed in the 10th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championship in Cali, Colombia from 26 July to 01 August. Twenty seven players in the national team were selected in April 2015 following a competitive process. The Australian women's team finished 7th out of 9 teams, whilst the men's team finished 11th out of 12.